NINA ZANELLATO – The Bag à porter

A strong, independent, curious woman who loves refined elegance and who appears skilfully casual, who mixes sophistication with the latest trends. In a chance encounter, one of life’s unexpected gifts, Franco Zanellato encounters his muse in an out of the way café in Milan. He listens, observes and captures her charm, her every word, and translates it into a bag that is the essence of every woman - Nina Zanellato®.
There is a certain pride in the nickname, used throughout history by artists, ballerinas, writers and inspiring muses; in the shortness of the name there is an echo of tradition. We see the Veneto origins of the founder Franco Zanellato, where the nickname “Nina” echoes from the past from a land known for its creative and rational spirit, coherent and imaginative. Just like this soft square-like bag interrupted only by a long band that highlights the lock and the way it can be worn. The design, conceived by Zanellato is meant to be immediately recognisable; it can be hand carried or clutched against the hip with a double grip that models the lines of the body that carries it. It is fascinating for many reasons. The size is perfect for daytime use and its graceful minimalism and practicality make it a suitable companion when relaxing or while at work.