Zanellato’s informal project DUO has a fluid identity, and is a special interpreter of the present perfect. There are 22 creative stages because nothing happens by chance, and the numbers prove just that. DUO is an accessory with an essential design and a practical spirit. It is not merely a bag; it safeguards secrets and moments in time that are transformed into precious cases, details of veiled light and sinuous contours that move with ease between His and Her wardrobe. An accessory inside an accessory that allows you to fully live the day. It is a masterpiece of cosmopolitan linearity that becomes an emblem of style and beauty to help us remember the poetry of every moment.

Just like the poetry of each moment that inspired Franco Zanellato to write the poem for his wife Federica:

Dear Federica,

I imagine the surprise on your face as you read these words, hidden in a corner, that speak of a project for two, kept secret until now, but that will soon take flight with us. It is not the first time that you make these polite incursions in my wardrobe. It’s useless to say that you are instantly pardoned. You are my muse and accomplice, the only interpreter of that elegant dance of our lives together. For you and for us I have tried to give form to a dream that gathers the echo of our love and the poetry of our embraces. Pieces of leather that jealously defend the perfection of our union. You always remind me that the style of a person is determined by the intensity of silences, courtesy of the heart, and the courage of emotions. Your words guided my hands to create a design with simple refined lines. I used a modern style, a faithful interpretation of my love for you, an everlasting bliss. I have written a new script and we are the stars.

For you
For us

Thank you,