In a Fashion World in which the collections follow one another relentlessly and the news are swallowed up with clicks, Franco Zanellato decides to take his time: the time necessary to appreciate what you do and above all to understand its value.

For the Spring / Summer 2021 collection Zanellato amrms its DNA with its timeless ICON bags, in particular Postina and Zoe.

In its seasonal significance, Zanellato’s Fall Winter 2020 collection draws inspiration from the photography of Tom Ford’s movie, “A Single Man”. A Seventies atmosphere, interpreted in a melting pot of colours, influences and visual surprises, combines with skillful and innovative research work on materials.

The watchword is Escape. Escaping from everything that is superfluous, but at the same time keeping a tone of timeless refined elegance and luxury. The concept of “Escape” is transformed and becomes inner escape, reflecting the relationship between the Bag and the Woman who safeguards it.

The collection is diversified in terms of processes, textures and colors. The

Italian know-how is reinterpreted in a contemporary key so as to give life to a

new collection expertly studied in techniques and leathers, an unmistakable

expression of the manual skill of Italian master crahsmen.