Spring Summer 2020 Collection

In a period when fashion dictates a change of shapes, ZANELLATO focuses on its ICONS, re-inventing and improving them even further, to narrate a story of always-current style.

Zanellato’s Spring Summer 2020 collection draws inspiration from Africa, a crucible of colours, influences and visual surprises.

An intense, energetic vibe, translated into a material story of harmonious and discordant colours. Fascinating graphics, created with traditional techniques such as batik, are given new life in the patterns and materials chosen by Franco Zanellato for next spring/summer.

Africa, a continent rich in inspiration, which the Vicenza-based Maison interprets through a range of warm, earthy colours that combine well with natural materials such as crocodile leather, linen and raffia.

Designs on sought-after materials give the iconic bags an unexpected twist that forges a connection between the captivating spirit of Africa with Italian master craftsmanship.

The appealing combination presented in the SS 2020 collection celebrates the maison’s kaleidoscopic essence.





As part of its constant pursuit of up to date ideas, Zanellato continues the agender revolution begun with Duo, and proceeds with the re-editing of Nina and Postina. Nina Zanellato gets a new lease of life as a large-size, soft, deconstructed bag with changeable shape and dimensions that mean it can pass easily from her to his wardrobe.

Bag à porter for her, but also a maxi pouch for him. Nina Baby becomes a belt bag, mixing its innate elegance with a more masculine, sporty appeal. Postina is also revamped in a new slouchy and super-soft XL size, perfect for him, but an IT-bag for her. All of this translates into Zanellato’s new INFORMAL concept, icons that reinvent themselves to tell a story of always up to date style and adapt to the personality of those who decide to make them their own.

Spring Summer 2020