Among the new products that reflect Zanellato's values is ODA,
inspired by the classic Kodak camera bag: small but powerful, a light bag that can hold everything you need.
A square, minimalist silhouette, with the characteristic ZO logo positioned in the center as if to represent the eye and lens of the bag,
which sees and encloses the world of every woman and the moments that make up her daily life.
It can be worn over the shoulder, on the shoulder or hand-held.

Scopri Oda

Also new is the Pura® Petalo line, which adds a touch of glamour and femininity to any style with its striking embossed details and flower-shaped pendants that can also be worn as necklaces. Pura® is where luxury meets sustainability, a leather that expresses elegance, balance and luxury, thinking and caring about the environment around us.

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Heritage leather is once again a Zanellato staple for this season: elegant, luxurious, eternal and sensual. Created to celebrate 10 years of Postina, born on 21 June 2011. It is inspired by the historic Original Silk leather with which Zanellato's first Postina model was presented. Extremely soft, it is revealed through the senses: it is touch, hyper-soft, light and impalpable; it is smell, delicately perfumed with talcum essence; it is sight, with its unique matte effect, recognisable at first glance

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