The Zanellato atelier is a place where artisanal “Made in Italy” creations reveal something that comes from the heart, a place that represents an understanding of style that is above all a lifestyle.
Zanellato has created a custom-made space for its master artisans, a laboratory full of ideas and passion that is a tangible dream to be lived, where it is possible to rediscover the exclusivity of handmade artisanal work.

Zanellato has moved away from classical artisanal ideas; young creative graduates, students of design and talented apprentices create unique pieces to be personalised and experiment with new models for the Italian brand of excellence.

The idea was born from the permanent bond Franco Zanellato has with his city and family, with the firm belief that roots hold on to dreams and bring them down to earth, because anyone can leave them to float above. Zanellato makes his dream come true, hands on, by building a future based on talent. The atelier is above all a wishing well, a nearby place for experimenting with the certainty that someone else out there is ready to see things from the same perspective.