PURA, skin for the skin.

The human body and nature come together, embrace and support each other. Shrubs that hide, hands that caress, bags immersed in Nature, never revealed but always integrated in perfect harmony, in an ecosystem for man, skin and nature.

Discover the Pure revolution.


«With the heart. Pure, beauty, in the soul»

Franco Zanellato

PURA® is the first naturally white leather; its whiteness is intense and unique, giving vitality to all the colors to be presented.

PURA® Zanellato is the revolutionary 1.0 leather, obtained using an exclusive metal free tanning process.

Zanellato products are created to be timeless, treasured and passed down over generations and therefore must be in perfect harmony with man and the environment.


Zanellato is the revolutionary 1.0 leather, obtained using an exclusive metal free tanning process.

PURA is the result of an important research project strongly supported by Franco Zanellato, who, together with a team of reputable expert collaborators, achieved extraordinary results.

His research continues, in the constant desire to achieve a perfect harmony in the product, with a constant attention to the environment.


- Metal free* since 2013, first iin the World among fashion Maisons (* UNI EN ISO 17072-2)

- First leather with OECO TEX certification

- Ever more lighter (weighs 20% less than leathers used today)

- Pleasant to touch – has an incredibly rich and delicate feel, refined leather texture with matt finiture

- Elevated performance superior to leathers normally used for luxury leather-ware

- Scenteded – has a delicate talc scent

- Franco Zanellato dedication impressed on leather, Iconic rivets embroidered by hand, internal tag with authenticity code in Pura leather tone sur ton

- Pleasant to touch – has an incredibly rich and delicate feel

- Born in perfect harmony with nature


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Zanellato is the first fashion company in the world to obtain the LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX® for a finished product with Postina® Pura®.
Vicenza, 25 May 2017 – Zanellato, the accessory fashion house famous for its iconic Bag Postina® and Nina Zanellato® was awarded certification by LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX®, the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile and Leather Ecology founded in 1992 and based in Zurich, for Postina® Pura®, the exclusive leather containing virtually no metals presented in 2015 and the point of arrival in the quest that has always paid special attention to man and the environment. Zanellato is the first high-end fashion company in the world to obtain this result for an accessory; the consumer is fully guaranteed that the accessory fulfils stringent health criteria.

Zanellato has always created timeless accessories with a view to offering its customers bags that are to be looked after and not owned. For this reason special mention is made of Zanellato’s production of the exclusive leather Pura®, the result of secret processes using innovative tanning techniques that eliminate by 1000 times the quantity of metals that are normally present, ensuring a safe workplace and guaranteeing the customer a finished product made at the highest level of excellence that is totally environmental friendly. The result is a timeless bag with a natural vibrant color with no leather alterations, whose every detail has been tested and guaranteed by STANDARD by OEKO-TEX®.