Zoe, Zanellato’s latest icon, wants to recount a plan to leave the bustle of city life behind, to «escape» from everyday routine and enter a unique, personal dimension, whether real or imaginary, that allows you to reconnect with yourself and your own happiness.


Zoe wants to bring the consumer back to a simple and usable use of the icon-bag. A new concept of comfortable bag is proposed: chic but practical, perfect to use all day long.

Through the exclusive quality of the leather, the expertise of the Zanellato Maison is recognized, with a concept of logoed closure with semi-automatic magnet and antique gold galvanic. The inspiration behind the new belt around the bag is a tribute to femininity, like a belt around woman body.

What’s your ZoEscape

Zoe. An ode to freedom.

It’s dawn,
the sky takes on a blush pink hue.
The rooster crows, heralding the beginning of a new day
in a countryside in perpetual and silent movement.

The spring breeze brushes her skin,
faint rays of sunlight colour her face.

Zoe closes her eyes,
entranced by nature’s charm.
Her mind drifts back to the past,
to memories of her childhood.
Then as now,
she escaped to the countryside in pursuit of freedom.

she feels her finger trace a circle and then a Z in the soft earth.
The beginning that connects with the future.

Zoe, from the Greek “essence of life”,
the essence that nourishes the soul,
as the earth feeds the body.

Zoe is evocation, is nature,
is the rediscovery of the pleasure of living,
through our senses,
at our own pace.

“Happiness is escaping to that place
where you feel at home”

F. Z.