September 25,2020


A homage to nature for a collection that is made to last!

For Spring/Summer 2021 collection, Zanellato affirms its DNA with its timeless ICON bags, especially that of Postina and Zoe, and invites its customers to immerge in an imaginary bamboo sculptural forest.

Zanellato's showroom houses a large scale bamboo art piece by Duilio Forte, and through its natural evolution and transformation - from green and hydrated to beige and ageless - proposes a collection that reflects the beauty of nature and its never ending transformation.

Roofed under a weave of bamboo trunks, the "superskin" of Pura is reinvented into the Pura Bamboo Zanellato and has a crocodile embossed design, powdery finishing and striking colours.

The rest of the collection is exposed in a cyclical direction; a slightly shiny crinkled leather is presented in unexpected colours with logoed straps, canvas fabrics are paired with wavy basket weave surfaces, raw linen is juxtaposed with sinuous leather and the cashmere Blandine and canvas jacquard encapsulate the signature textures. A bold colour palette inspired by Italian’s “to discover places” completes the mood by reaffirming the strong roots of the brand to its homeland. Pink, as the flamingos found on the Albarella Island, bergamot yellow, from the worldwide acclaimed calabrese citrus, black, as the sand of Maratea and Meneghino, as the Milanese autumnal grey sky.

But the real cherry on top of the cake, is Heritage. A skin created after a profound reflexion, that embodies Zanellato’s values and has been created in occasion of the10 year celebration of Postina, born on the 21st of June 2011.

Heritage is made of Lamb leather, has a soft and matt touch, and is available in Cuba and Black colors. A cocoon-effect leather, so soft that it is malleable, while maintaining its structure. A skin that is perceived through all senses: it is touch, hyper-soft, light and impalpable; it is smell, delicately scented with a talc essence, it is vision, with its unique mat effect, recognizable at first glance.