April 09,2019


From Tokyo to Milan, Salone del Mobile welcomes the transience of beauty in an homage to Japan

Only a few days, but enough for a lifetime. The streets are a haze of pink, glimpses of incredible beauty that no longer exist after a few hours. Spring in Japan is a symbol of the transient nature of life, which passes quickly, leaving behind the petals of its exceptional passage.

Zanellato starts from here, from a springtime journey in the Land of the Rising Sun, where everything changes in a few moments, but the charm of the scenery remains unaltered. Sakura limited edition draws inspiration from nature’s work of art, with colours and lines that recall the romantic cherry blossom, protagonist of the oriental spring flowering that has influenced the world’s artists for centuries.

Three special items crafted in luxurious plongé nappa leather rendered unique by the ZETA weave, a geometric pattern developed by the Maison. Accompanying Postina® Baby, which takes on the hues of Tokyo, are an elegant coin purse and a small mirror with an attractive case, also in leather. The common denominator of the collection is pink, with an appeal that makes it on trend for spring but without losing the romanticism that links it to the exceptional event that is the sakura season.

It’s time for new developments at Zanellato, which precisely in March begins a style journey to unite Milan and Tokyo in a burst of new ideas. We begin in Tokyo with celebrations for the opening in Midtown, where the store will be transformed into a wonderful flower-filled garden, a tribute to nature and the poetic significance of Sakura for its people.

The brand’s voyage continues and makes landfall in Milan for the Salone del Mobile, where technology and design bring a modern interpretation to what nature paints every year with her own hand. A setting designed by architecture firm Urban & Viola will blossom in the Via Bagutta store, where customers will feel themselves transported to another dimension, surrounded by petals in shades of pink that will make their visit a veritable experience. Zanellato’s limited edition Sakura will appear before the eyes of the observer in a place suspended between the imaginary and reality, where beauty is revealed to the eyes of those who know how to see it.

“I wanted to pay tribute to HANAMI, the Japanese traditional custom of cherry blossom viewing, by creating an evocative space with an explosion of flowers made in leather by the expert hands of our Vicenza atelier. Following the Pure project, I decided to embrace the Recycle, Reduce & Reuse philosophy through an artistic reworking of the material” says Franco Zanellato.