November 08,2019


Zanellato for Dynamo Camp

Made in Italy” becomes child’s play: Zanellato dedicates a project to Dynamo Camp and the international SeriousFun network centring around the concept of solidarity and the philosophy of Recycle, Reduce & Reuse, resulting in creation of ten exclusive Limited Edition Zanellato bags.

An original contribution was offered by international students in the Master’s Programme in Strategic Design at, coordinated by Giulio Ceppi. The challenge put before the young designers was coming up with an innovative way of reusing Zanellato leather scrap in a project supporting Dynamo Camp. Among the proposals they came up, the idea that was chosen was to produce a collective work of art using the mosaic technique and then create a capsule edition inspired by it.

Like a “dynamo”, a device which converts mechanical energy into electricity, or vice versa, the initiative transforms the creativity of the children at the Camp into decorative designs for ten unique versions of Postina®. The ten Limited Edition bags will be made of Pura®, that is, leather “par excellence”, the fruit of the brand’s advanced research: lightweight, hyper-performing, with a delicate talc fragrance, and, above all, produced in perfect harmony with nature. The world’s first naturally white metal-free leather, Pura® is perfect for the ‘Pure Happiness’ project!

Thus the bag becomes an ideal emotional and material container representing a dream come true: the dream of Franco Zanellato, founder and creative director of the Italian brand.

“It all started on 15 May 2019. On my fiftieth birthday, only a few hours after the birth of my second daughter, a dream I had been cultivating for years came true.

The project we are working on with Dynamo Camp represents the perfect combination of principles and values, a harmony of intent and concreteness that will give rise to a very special project.”

Franco Zanellato

Franco Zanellato has become a storyteller, a bringer of positive feelings, a catalyst for the imaginations of seriously ill children aged 6 to 12 who are guests at Dynamo Camp. Through his story, he got them involved in the creation of a collage on maxi-canvases measuring 100 x 150 made using more than 10,000 pieces of Zanellato leather, in a great variety of colours, all pieces of scrap leather from production, using them in a perfectly sustainable and ecological manner to produce a masterpiece of happiness.

“I wanted to unleash the children’s creativity, because the most

naive creative inspiration can be truly magical”

Franco Zanellato

The children’s creations provide the inspiration for the lining of a Limited Edition bag, covering it like a second skin and going straight to the heart of the accessory and its wearer alike, in a truly special capsule collection discretely expressing the profound significance of a truly unique project. What’s more, Pure Happiness is a circular project, reflecting the brand’s logic of the circular economy.

In this equation, ten designs are based on ten values of sustainability in ten Postina® bags that will be auctioned off for charity at the 14 November 2019 London Gala organised by Seriousfun Children’s Network, the non-profit association founded more than 30 years ago by American actor Paul Newman and now directed with great dedication by his daughter Clea Newman. The limited-edition bags will also be up for sale at a special event scheduled for 30 October through 7 November at the brand’s showroom at Via Stendhal 35.

100% of the revenues from the sale of Postina® Zanellato X Dynamo will go to Dynamo Camp and other European camps in the Seriousfun Children’s Network.

“The project represents an example of creative synthesis, industrial capacity and shared values. Dynamo Academy, Polidesign and Zanellato have managed to give new meaning to a “pure” product embodying the values of environmental sustainability and beauty. We’re happy to have contributed to this creative project involving Dynamo Camp children in Recreational Therapy, and we would like to thank Zanellato for choosing Dynamo Camp and Serious Fun as the beneficiaries of an initiative which we hope will offer inspiration for other companies in the future.”

Serena Porcari, Dynamo Camp

“I believe that working on a theme of Design For The Common Good in the partnership between Dynamo Camp and Zanellato offered students in the Master’s Programme in Strategic Design an opportunity to experience first-hand how design can help solve problems other than the classic, well-known ones we expect to encounter, helping two organisations embodying Italian excellence to interact in a unique and original way. The result is an important message illustrating how design today is concerned with social values and innovation.“

Giulio Ceppi,


  • The rule of ten: ten collages made by children aged six to twelve participating in Dynamo Camp, inspired by ten sustainability criteria, to create ten limited edition Postina® bags.
  • One Pura® leather, with its unique lightness, performance and sustainability.
  • 100%: all revenues from sales will go to Dynamo Camp and other camps in the Seriousfun Children’s Network in Europe.


In 1999 Franco Zanellato made his dream come true, drawing on his family’s long tradition working with leather goods to set up a small business producing precious accessories of luxurious beauty, treated and worked with scrupulous care. Today, Zanellato draws on its strong, unique identity to propose creations of refined luxury, in typically Italian contemporary style, representing the Maison’s heritage in each of its collections: in only a few years, Zanellato’s creations, such as Postina®, Nina ZANELLATO® and DUO ZANELLATO®, have become true icons of style distributed through the most important boutiques and department stores in Italy and the world, as well as Zanellato’s own boutiques in Milan, Moscow and Tokyo. Zanellato’s elegant, sophisticated, genuine products are among the top expressions of Italian quality. The “rules” applying to production are those of the ateliér, where observance of tradition and an on-going search for new designs come together in perfect harmony to create refined, ironic items that make the most of true Italian know-how.

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Associazione Dynamo Camp Onlus offers free Recreational Therapy programmes for children and teens aged 6 to 17 affected by severe or chronic pathologies, along with their families and healthy siblings. These activities take place at Dynamo Camp and, under Dynamo Programs, outside the Camp on the premises of hospitals, associations and group homes in Italy’s biggest cities.

Climbing, horse-riding, archery, aquatic Recreational Therapy, circus arts, the Art Factory, Radio Dynamo, Dynamo Studios and Dynamo Musical are among the activities offered at Dynamo Camp, while Radio, Studio and Musical activities are offered as Dynamo Programs. All the activities are organised on the basis of the principles of Dynamo Recreational Therapy, which aims to provide fun and entertainment and above all to encourage children to develop their skills and give them new hope and confidence.

Dynamo Camp is located in Limestre, in the province of Pistoia, in Oasi Dynamo, an oasis of more than 900 hectares of land which is a WWF affiliate and a member of the SeriousFun Children’s Network of camps founded in 1988 by Paul Newman and operating all over the world.

Since 2007, Dynamo Camp has hosted 7,607 children free of charge in programmes for Campers only, 7,269 children, teenagers and parents in programmes for families, and 20,840 children through its Outreach programme, offering Recreational Therapy to more than 35,000 people; it has trained 6,420 volunteers, and now has 55 employees as well as a seasonal staff of 81. The Dynamo Camp network includes 158 hospitals and associations all over Italy.


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