A special meeting with a mysterious artist who welcomes him into his home and shows him small paintings on an ochre wall. Mariposa grew between those watercolors, bloomed on the corners of the frames, a shy inspiration for the woman with the big green eyes.
This touching story is what inspired Franco Zanellato to create his latest leather gem named after the Cuban flower, interpreting its gracefulness in a flower print. Seven shades of color, seven ways to live a city that looks like a painting by a distracted artist who exaggerates with color but creates new tones. Looking at this landscape painting, Franco Zanellato decides to paint his own, blending fashion with the intense color of ideas that work. Mariposa is presented inside a frame in colors that vibrate with light and illuminate the recently patented Pura leather.

As in an impressionist painting, the print mutates with every change of prospective, it leads the eye of the observer to rest on the perfect details of this gem on leather. Art becomes an accessory in a new exclusive dimension where each article is numbered and becomes a unique collectable.
Choosing a bag requires skillful observation that celebrates the authenticity, elegance and artistic Italian sensitivity of which Franco Zanellato is an unrivalled patron.
Mariposa never abandons the frame even after its purchase, and leaving the shop, the buyer is now the owner of a unique work of art together with the frame that enshrines it.

A vision that becomes reality, a journey in search of a distant world that exquisitely becomes a part of us.

An inspiration that looks towards Cuba but remains anchored in Italy, in the innate creative inclination that lives in art and expresses itself through intuition and a new outlook.