Story of an Italian bag:

Postina Zanellato

Postina® Zanellato is an elegant luxury bag

that is an expression

of refined Italian


A mix of intuition and passion

helped Postina® Zanellato

become a must-have iconic bag

that has fascinated thousands of women

all over the world in the last few years.


Postina Zanellato: Unique and Authentic

Special care is given to offer an authentic product

with the highest “Made in Italy” standards; Zanellato

has always supported the battle against counterfeits.

After numerous counterfeits and imitations of the Postina®

model, Zanellato introduced an accessory unique in its kind,

offering further protection regarding quality and product

authenticity. On one of the rivets is an engraving made with the

Guilloche` technique, an extremely sophisticated artisanal

method used in ornamental engraving. The technique chosen by

Zanellato confirms once again the desire to stand out by merging

the manual ability necessary to create the complex engraving

together with the skills require to create Zanellato products and

the desire to express personal DNA using a unique irreplaceable

tool: the skilled hands of master artisans. There is also a code

number inside every Postina® Zanellato that verifies the

authenticity via the Code Verification found on the site.