May 01,2016

Botton D’Oro Limited Edition

There is a place in Milan where the clock has stopped, where time lingers along the streets in front of antique wooden doors. Via Bagutta has been the Milanese artistic street since the 40’s and even today has not lost its aesthetic and cultural charm; Zanellato decided to settle here, to interpret this cultural corner through beauty, care, and exclusivity. The opening is the beginning of another story that Franco Zanellato has decided to tell by using art as the starting point (i.e.viewing the world’s best side); a spring that evokes Botticelli, a continuous blooming of the Vicentine company that stands out because it has always emphasised the importance of product quality and paid special attention to culture and creativity. In honour of the opening in Via Bagutta, Zanellato has launched a limited edition collection that adorns the new iconic Nina model with a new look, creating a small work of art in the fashion world. Four models compose the flower of melancholic beauty, the buttercup. The numbered and very limited edition of the new capsule blossoms in its design and romantic colors, announcing a new beginning where Zanellato signs his name on the right side of the canvas.